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HK Maritime

Sales Center for Scrap Ship Equipment

With trust and experience since 1997

Scrapped Lifeboat


Click here to view A quality scrap lifeboats .



Our lifeboat sales, which is one of our main lines of activity, has been going on for 4 years with an intensity of up to 60 pieces per year, both at home and abroad. Click here for detailed information.


Marine Crane

We disassemble and deliver our cranes, which we have purchased from our high-tonnage and model ships that have been coming to our country since 2019. Click here for detailed information.


Ship Electrical and Electronics

In addition to our navigation devices of all brands and models within the ship's bridge, we also sell DP system equipment, ship fire extinguishing and electrical panels, circuits and devices. Click here for detailed information.



In order to comply with our customers' request for delivery to the address, our activities continue in the fields of road, sea and air transportation with our contracted companies. Click here for detailed information.

Limanda Dolanmış Kargo gemileri


Our business was established in 1997 in Aliağa, İzmir. Although the company determined its main field of activity on iron-steel and precious metals and scrap trade in the first years, it started to work on the sale of equipment from scrap ships in 2002 in line with the needs of the maritime industry. Our company, which continued its sales activities in the domestic market until 2019, entered the foreign market in 2019.

Our company, which has a say in the sale of boats in the Netherlands and Montenegro, started to sell marine cranes and second-hand navigation devices and equipment in 2021. Our company has worked and is currently working with business partners in the Netherlands, Dubai, the United States and England and maintains its presence in the foreign market. Click here to read more.

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